Re: Improve the traffic condition on the Internet

> Alexei Novikov wrote:
> >As you have mentioned connection can be very slow, but to my mind the 
> >main problem arrises when you are loading images ( that are already 
> >sensibly compressed ), but not downloading text that is much smaller in 
> >size and occupies probably 30 % or less. 
> Actually the graphic and audio file is not the main traffic on the
> low speed network.  When the transfer rate is very slow, no one
> dare to get those files.  The main traffic on such net is the text
> files(include HTML files of course) and the compress rate for the
> text file is almost 70%, especially those file with JAVASCRIPT.

This is very true, but...

> Based on such thought, I think the compression over the text(html)
> file is neccesary and feasible.
> But my idea about compression is not the traditional ones that the
> compressed file can only be expanded after the file transfer process
> is completed.  To make the reader feel no difference when reading
> the compressed file, the expanding process must be able to output
> the expanded information little by little so that in the transfer

this is what "compressing" modems do. Which might render an additional
compression layer useless.

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