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204 No Content for a resource which is known but has no representation yet?

[Fwd: Request for feedback on HTTP Location header syntax + semantics, Re: Issues 43 and 185, was: Issue 43 (combining fragments)]

About sniffing

ACTION-348 some draft text re redirection + address bar

ACTION-352 (related to Web Application Architecture)

ACTION-353: Client-side identification in Ajax applications

ACTION-397 Frame discussion on Geolocation and Geoprivacy

ACTION-401Ask WebApps to Review Taxonomy

ACTION-402 Summarize JAR's message to HT re HTTP-based naming and put on the agenda

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 11 March 2010

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 4 March 2010

Agenda for TAG teleconfernece of 1 April 2010

AWWSW status (F2F prep)

Clarifying TAG Re: Courtesy notification: call for consensus on HTML normative language reference issues

client-side storage APIs and RDFa API?

closing IRIEverywhere

Draft Agenda of 24-26 March 2010

Draft minutes of TAG teleconference of 11 March 2010

F2F suggestion

HyperGrids -- connecting virtual worlds for OpenSim and web arch

including a schema with "HTML: The Markup Language" Clarifying TAG Re: Courtesy notification

ISSUE-41: decentralized-extensibility - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections) status report

larry's position on URIs as names

New Version Notification for draft-hakala-rfc3187bis-isbn-urn-00 (fwd)

plan for dealing with LEIRI and IRI bis, for review

re web apps and security

reconsidering CSS vendor prefixes

Request for feedback on HTTP Location header syntax + semantics, Re: Issues 43 and 185, was: Issue 43 (combining fragments)

scheduling persistent naming discussion

Schemas for XHTML


speaks_for stuff with examples on home financing, redirection, metadata, XSRF, and same origin

Tag Members: Please review your open actions ASAP as input to F2F agenda

TAG Members: please reviews status of issues you "shepherd" by Monday, 8 March

TAG requests addition to section 3.2.1 of Part 3 [#155]

TAG Status Report

TAG telcon minutes for 25 Feb 2010

testing 203 Non-Authoritative support: so far, so good

Topics for discussion at TAG / HTML Chairs session

W2SP 2010: Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2010 CFP - 2nd call

What is "the type of X" if X doesn't have a declared type?

XBL2 as HTML5's extensibility mechanism (was Re: HTML 5 integration of SVG and MathML addresses ISSUE-33/mixedUIXMLNamespace-33?)

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