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closing IRIEverywhere

From: Larry Masinter <LMM@acm.org>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 17:16:47 -0800
To: <www-tag@w3.org>
Message-ID: <003201cac0b8$870d1f20$95275d60$@org>

I have ACTION-398 to prepare a plan for how the TAG can close
ISSUE-27 IRIEverywhere.


Based on Henry's summary from last April:



  The intention is to issue a revision of [LEIRI] replacing

  its contents with a reference to [IRI-BIS] as soon as [IRI-BIS]

  becomes a Draft Standard.



and the IETF IRI working group now chartered to complete IRI-BIS,
whose charter explicitly calls for working with W3C:


I propose the following plan:


================== PROPOSED PLAN =======================


The staging of the replacement of stable references to pointers to a
document under revision needs to be handled carefully. [LEIRI] is only
a Note, while HTML5 is a new version of HTML being prepared for
recommendation track, so the plans for XML CORE and HTML are


XML CORE should work in the following phases: 


1.  Develop a draft of what a replacement to [LEIRI] would look like,
given the current content of IRI-BIS. Coordinate with IRI-WG if any
changes are needed to IRI-BIS, and continue to track IRI-WG.

2.  Publish a new version of [LEIRI] as an updated NOTE with both the
current content and the proposed new content.

3.  When IRI-BIS is approved for standards track in IETF (either at
"Draft Standard" or restarted at "Proposed Standard" level), remove
the older content of [LEIRI] and leave the pointer to the new (stable)
IRI-BIS document.


HTML WG should follow the following phases:


1.  Confirm that a document, even with a normative reference to a work
in progress, can enter Candidate Recommendation state, and that
advancement of IRI-BIS to IETF standards track is not a 'blocking'
issue. (Otherwise the contingency plan in step 3 will need to be done

2.  Prepare a version of the HTML specification that references a
specific version of IRI-BIS, noting that the document is evolving. 

3.  When preparing HTML5 for Proposed Recommendation, update the
reference to IRI-BIS as needed: if the IETF IRI WG succeeds in
completing its work in time, that can be used as a stable
specification; otherwise, implement a contingency plan following the
LEIRI development plan above: create a Working Group Note that
describes a current reference to IRI-BIS, along with a copy or update
of the WEBADDR specification.



=========== END PROPOSED PLAN ===================

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