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TAG Members: please reviews status of issues you "shepherd" by Monday, 8 March

From: <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 21:18:54 -0500
To: www-tag@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFC5A3EEFB.0F6629E0-ON852576DC.000BFCE4-852576DC.000C6005@lotus.com>
TAG Members:

As you know, input for the F2F agenda is due this Monday.  In preparation 
for that, and as a cross-check on the work you already have planned, I'm 
asking each of you to review the state of the issues for which you are a 
shepherd, and to alert my by Monday to any attention that you think your 
issues should get at the F2F. 

For your convenience, a list of open and pending review issues by 
shepherd, as of this evening, is attached below.  It's also available in 
HTML form at [1].  The latter has the advantage that you can follow links 
to open each issue record (the list at [1] is not live -- I can easily 
regenerate it, but it will not update automatically as the state of issues 
changes).  Thank you.


[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2010/03/actionsbyshepherd.html


TAG Issues by Shepherd

Shepherd: Daniel Appelquist

    * ISSUE-58: (scalabilityOfURIAccess-58) Scalability of URI Access to 

Shepherd: Tim Berners-Lee

    * ISSUE-1: (w3cMediaType-1) Should W3C WGs define their own media 
    * ISSUE-8: (namespaceDocument-8) What should a "namespace document" 
look like?
    * ISSUE-16: (HTTPSubstrate-16) Should HTTP be used as a substrate 
protocol? Does W3C agree with RFC 3205?
    * ISSUE-25: (deepLinking-25) What to say in defense of principle that 
deep linking isnot an illegal act?
    * ISSUE-31: (metadataInURI-31) Should metadata (e.g., versioning 
information) beencoded in URIs?
    * ISSUE-34: (xmlFunctions-34) XML Transformation and composability 
(e.g., XSLT,XInclude, Encryption)
    * ISSUE-37: (abstractComponentRefs-37) Definition of abstract 
components with namespace namesand frag ids
    * ISSUE-39: (rdfURIMeaning-39) Meaning of URIs in RDF documents
    * ISSUE-40: (URIGoodPractice-40) What are good practices for URI 
    * ISSUE-56: (abbreviatedURIs-56) Abbreviating URIs in Web Languages

Shepherd: Dan Connolly

    * ISSUE-33: (mixedUIXMLNamespace-33) Composability for user 
interface-oriented XML namespaces
    * ISSUE-35: (RDFinXHTML-35) Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in 
    * ISSUE-36: (siteData-36) Web site metadata improving on robots.txt, 
w3c/p3p and favicon etc.
    * ISSUE-42: (ultimateQuestion-42) Other
    * ISSUE-51: (selfDescribingWeb-51) well known formats and URI based 
    * ISSUE-61: (uriBasedPackageAccess-61) URI Based Access to Packaged 
    * ISSUE-64: (weekly) Weekly Teleconference
    * ISSUE-65: (F2F meetings) Face to Face meetings

Shepherd: John Kemp

    * ISSUE-7: (whenToUseGet-7) (1) GET should be encouraged, not 
deprecated, in XForms(2) How to handle safe queries (New POST-like 
method?GET plus a body?)

Shepherd: Ashok Malhotra

    * ISSUE-62: (UniformAccessToMetadata-62) Uniform Access to 
Server-provided Metadata

Shepherd: Larry Masinter

    * ISSUE-24: (contentTypeOverride-24) Can a specification include rules 
for overriding HTTPcontent type parameters?
    * ISSUE-27: (IRIEverywhere-27) Should W3C specifications start 
promoting IRIs?
    * ISSUE-41: (LanguageVersioning-41) What are good practices for 
designing extensible languages and for handling versioning?
    * ISSUE-63: () Metadata Architecture for the Web

Shepherd: Noah Mendelsohn

Shepherd: T.V. Raman

    * ISSUE-60: (webApplicationState-60) Web Application State Management

Shepherd: Jonathan Rees

    * ISSUE-57: (HttpRedirections-57) The use of HTTP Redirection

Shepherd: Henry S. Thompson

    * ISSUE-20: (errorHandling-20) What should specifications say about 
error handling?
    * ISSUE-50: (URNsAndRegistries-50) URIs, URNs, "location independent" 
naming systems and associated registries for naming on the Web
    * ISSUE-53: (genericResources-53) Generic resources
    * ISSUE-54: (TagSoupIntegration-54) Tag soup integration
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