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28Apr tag telcon notes: IRIEverywhere, URIEquivalence

[Agenda] 12 May 2003 TAG teleconf (Voice Browser WG, AC meeting, WWW2003)

[Agenda] 2 June extended TAG teleconf (Arch Doc, Findings, Issues)

[Agenda] 5 May 2003 TAG teleconf (TAG presentations, draft findings, uriMediaType-9, abstractComponentRefs-37)

[Draft TAG Finding] URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST

[Minutes] 12 May 2003 TAG teleconf (Voice WG about contentTypeOverride-24)

[Minutes] 5 May 2003 TAG teleconf (uriMediaType-9, abstractComponentRefs-37, arch doc)

[whenToUseGet] PUT/POST & GET with SOAP

Apple Music Store & Web Architecture

denotation of http://www.vrc.iastate.edu/magritte.gif

Draft TAG finding available: Client handling of MIME headers

Draft TAG finding available: xmlIDSemantics-32

Editorial comments on webarch 20030326

Grinding to a halt on Issue 27.

IRIs, URIs, TAG issues 15 and 27

My opinion on the problem of identifying ID semantics

New issue? PUT semantics and MIME header handling


Proposal for the organization of Chapter 4 of Webarch

Proposed issue; Visibility of Web services

Revision of "URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST" available

Summary of comments on two findings (contentTypeOverride-24, whenToUseGet-7)

Summary of TAG activity from 3 Apr to 12 May 2003

Talked to the xml.gov people

Turismo Rural - promoções fantásticas / promociones fantásticos

XML binary compression progress: X3D, XFSP project


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