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[ANN] Sketsa (SVG Graphics Editor) 2.0 released

[Inkscape-devel] ANNOUNCE Scribus 1.2 Released

[Inkscape-devel] Markers and angle bisectors

ANNOUNCE Scribus 1.2 Released

Announcement of Last call: Mobile SVG Profile: SVG Tiny, Version 1.2

ANNOUNCEMENT: Scribus Team Releases First Release Candidate of Scribus 1.2

CFP: W3C Workshop on Metadata for Content Adaptation

Cookie and svg.

Editable: (trivial) SVG 1.2 May 2004 draft

Elliptical Arc as basic shape

Few questions about SVG 1.2

howto fill a divided figure?

Keystone Application Framework implementing SVG graphics

marker clarifications

Marker issues

Markers and angle bisectors

Multiple Pages in SVG 1.2 + Hyperlinking

order of application of animations

pageSet handling impl. and turorial

Sockets and pageSet handling in motjuvie 2.0

SVG 1.2 ...

SVG 1.2 Scripting

SVG 1.2 URLRequest interface

SVG Open 2004 program available

SVG Paper Size

SVG11: problem with rounded rect specification

Tangent to Beziers (Tangiers?)

Typo in SVG tiny 1.2 draft

WG clarification request for SVG_WRONG_TYPE_ERR

WG Input on <switch> implementation

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