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Seeking clarity over user-experience John Foliot (Wednesday, 19 April)

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[css-backgrounds] [css-images] Interop for sizing gradients with only width Henrik Andersson (Thursday, 13 April)

Re: [css-writing-modes] Question about implementability of the "different writing-mode value than its containing block" section of the spec Koji Ishii (Thursday, 13 April)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2017-04-12 [css-writing-modes] [css-transforms] [css3-fonts] [css-text-justify] [css-values] [css-rhythm] [css-alignment] Dael Jackson (Thursday, 13 April)

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Re: [css-text-decor] Emphasis marks and auto-hiding ruby annotation Shinyu Murakami (Saturday, 8 April)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2017-04-05 [css-images-3] [css-grid] [css-multicol] [cssom-view] [css-overflow] [css-fonts-3] [css-ui-3] [css-transforms] [css-cascade] Dael Jackson (Wednesday, 5 April)

Migrating csswg-test GitHub issues to web-platform-tests Geoffrey Sneddon (Wednesday, 5 April)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 05-Apr-2017 Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 5 April)

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CSS property for visually hiding an element Oliver Joseph Ash (Monday, 3 April)

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