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locator syntax, resources, etc. Paul Prescod (Tuesday, 29 June)

Metadata & RDF: intention and reality Angus D Madden (Monday, 28 June)

RDF M&S use of XML namespaces for attributes Dave Beckett (Friday, 25 June)

rdf:value Dave Beckett (Thursday, 24 June)

RDF parser/serializer/validator/middleware Sergey Melnik (Wednesday, 23 June)

No more access to RDF Recommandation Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Monday, 21 June)

Announcement: RDF Schema Proposed Recommendation to undergo 2nd AC Review Josef Dietl (Friday, 18 June)

http://www.w3.org/TR/PR-rdf-schema not valid SGML David J Woolley (Thursday, 17 June)

SiRPACs reaction on '&' Christian Capelle (Tuesday, 15 June)

RDF Serializer Franck Eyraud (Wednesday, 9 June)

Bug fix Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Tuesday, 8 June)

40% Off Black Books . . . . Important Information (Tuesday, 8 June)

RDF and Resources Paul Prescod (Sunday, 6 June)

possibly bug in SiRPAC Boris Portnoy (Thursday, 3 June)

sirpac Pasqualino 'Titto' Assini (Thursday, 27 May)

Problems with SiRPAC and parameterised tags Milla Makelainen (Wednesday, 26 May)

Sirpac 1.14 + Silri = schema checking? Dan Libby (Sunday, 23 May)

Bugs and extensions Sergey Melnik (Tuesday, 18 May)

Inheritance of constraints Sergey Melnik (Monday, 17 May)

Fourth Annual Health Law and Bioethics Workshop Global Lawyers and Physicians (Friday, 14 May)

problem installing SiRPAC Lalitha Suryanarayana (Tuesday, 11 May)

SiRPAC-1.12 comments Jozef De Roo (Friday, 7 May)

SiRPAC on Linux Claude (Friday, 7 May)

"OR" in Schema spec Milla Makelainen (Wednesday, 5 May)

Status of propoerties defined by RDF Rick Jelliffe (Sunday, 25 April)

Problem with SiRPAC Gerti Pallhuber (Thursday, 15 April)

Why so few constraints RDF schema? Arnold deVos (Wednesday, 14 April)

Validation \ (Wednesday, 14 April)

Re: xlxp-dev: RDF and XLink Sam Hunting (Wednesday, 14 April)

RDF and XLink Paul Prescod (Tuesday, 13 April)

Are duplicate property/value pairs permitted for a resource? Samuel Yang (Thursday, 8 April)

Re: RDF Question: about syntax of rdf container objects (Bag, Alt, Seq) Dan Brickley (Thursday, 8 April)

Getting started with SiRPAC Nigel Byrnes (Tuesday, 6 April)

Are duplicate property/value pairs permitted for a resource? Samuel Yang (Friday, 2 April)

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