Status of propoerties defined by RDF

In the RDF spec, section 4..1 says "To model statements RDF defines the
following properties:

However, in section 6, "Formal Grammat for RDF", there is no mention
made of these built-in properties.

Of course, section 6 includes any conforming properties, but it is
confusing for the RDF spec to include some poperties (bag, seq, alt)
while leaving out the 4 modeling properties.

(I only discovered this on revising my RDF DTD, at
This DTD seems to be quite popular. I hope someday you include a DTD in
the RDF spec, since the BNF is so difficult to follow in comparison.)

Rick Jelliffe
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan

Received on Sunday, 25 April 1999 13:03:14 UTC