Re: No more access to RDF Recommandation

"Ralph R. Swick" wrote:
> Did you really type ""?  Perhaps the redirector that replaces
> this with our correct domain name, "" was momentarily confused.
> You'll have to give us the exact URI that failed for you, else we
> can't diagnose very much.

actually I tried bith the link from
and my own bookmark. Both failed...

> should work, for example.

Since I received your mail, I tried it (which IS my bookmark)
and the link on RDF homepage (which is : )
and both worked

> (We are also in the middle of establishing mirror servers for all
> of our public site.  It's possible that people in different parts
> of the world will occasionally see failures that aren't reproducible
> elsewhere.)

I guess this is it.

 Thanx for help


Received on Monday, 21 June 1999 09:30:27 UTC