Re: SiRPACs reaction on '&'

This is an XML issue rather than RDF/SiRPAC. '&' in XML indicates an
'entity' reference, so the XML layer (SAX) used by SiRPAC gets confused.
I've found that replacing '&'s with '&' (an entity representing the
ampersand) works just fine.

This is one of those HTML/web wierd legacy things. '&'s are used all
over the shop in URLs, but shouldn't really appear in SGML docs
unescaped, so were an odd thing for the CGI spec to have used...


On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Christian Capelle wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm experimenting with SiRPAC. It seems, that SiRPAC doesn't allow the
> '&'-symbol in any context of an RDF-document. I even get an
> error-message (the
> messages are always different and not very expressive) when I place the
> symbol in the value of a comment-property. Can anybody tell me why?
> Thanks, C. Capelle

Received on Tuesday, 15 June 1999 05:45:47 UTC