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XML Schema: Formal Description is now published Jonathan Robie (Tuesday, 20 March)

What is a list? Evan Lenz (Wednesday, 7 March)

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Concern: XQuery <> valid XML Jeff Chapman (Tuesday, 27 February)

[www-ql] <none> Jeff Chapman (Monday, 26 February)

XQuery and Updates Andreas Wolber (Sunday, 25 February)

Cross Posting to XML Query Comments (was Re: XQuery's FLWR expression vs. XSLT down-reference pull) Jonathan Robie (Saturday, 24 February)

XQuery's FLWR expression vs. XSLT down-reference pull Evan Lenz (Friday, 23 February)

XML Query Use Cases (SEQ use case) Nick Bassiliades (Friday, 23 February)

XQuery feedback Evan Lenz (Thursday, 22 February)

Working draft of XQuery Michael Kifer (Saturday, 17 February)

NEW W3C's XML QUERY DRAFTS Massimo Marchiori (Friday, 16 February)

First public Working Draft of W3C XML Query Language Jonathan Robie (Friday, 16 February)

XML and IIS from Lotus Notes Jemmanuel@imperialonline.co.za (Tuesday, 13 February)

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