RE: XQuery vs XML Query Algebra

Dear Michael,

I think your analysis is related to Issue-10 (open) in
the XQuery working draft.

Issue 10 : Alignment of Syntax (xquery-alignment-of-syntax)
Originator:  Algebra Editors
Locus:  xquery-algebra

Should the syntaxes of XQuery and the XML Query Algebra be more closely

From your analysis I gather that you suggest "yes, they should
be more closely aligned".

Best regards,

(speaking for myself)

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> Peter Fankhauser wrote:
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> > > So that got me wondering: if we have the Algebra, why do we need
> > > XQuery?
> >
> > The algebra and XQuery tackle the design space from different angles.
> Then I guess I'm thinking:
>    maybe they shouldn't; or
>    maybe they don't need to; or
>    maybe there's a hyperplane through the design space that contains both
> angles :)

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