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Re: Concern: XQuery <> valid XML

From: Michael Kifer <kifer@cs.sunysb.edu>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:42:32 -0500
Message-Id: <200102271942.OAA11680@sbcs.cs.sunysb.edu>
To: Jeff Chapman <Jeff.Chapman@pervasive.com>
cc: www-ql@w3.org

Jeff Chapman <Jeff.Chapman@pervasive.com> writes:
> Indeed if I wrap XQuery expressions in CDATA sections, then I can store them
> as plain text.  I'm hoping for something a bit more useful.  For example, I
> would like to be able to build XML-based logic that can dissect and assemble
> XQuery expressions using normal XML tools/logic--the kind of things we can
> now do with XML Schemas that are not all that easy with DTDs.

If you want to construct queries on the fly, then the extraneous XML tags 
which you have to (gratuitously) insert are an obstacle, not help.
People have been creating SQL queries on the fly easily for years (not that
SQL is a good language, but it would look even worse, if expressed in XML :-).

In fact, I believe that XML Schema looks unnecessarily cumbersome
(in part) because it is represented in XML. There is no good reason for it
to be represented using XML syntax.

I think it was a good decision to not use XML syntax for XQuery.


> I understand that this is not 'the' problem that XQuery is trying to solve.
> My hope is that it will not become the problem that XQuery creates.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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> Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 9:14 PM
> To: Jeff Chapman
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> > Specifically, I'm deeply troubled
> > that an XQuery expression is not valid XML.  This will immediately cause
> > problems when I try to store XQuery documents into an XML repository.  
> How about:
> <xquery> your xquery query goes here </xquery>
> > This should trigger a sense of Deja Vu.  Aren't we ignoring a painful
> > lesson from our immediate past.  When people realized the gravity of the
> > situation caused by DTDs not being valid XML, the W3C immediately began
> > work on a solution--XML Schemas.
> DTD being not a valid XML is not the problem that XML Schema is trying to
> address. 
> 	--michael  
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