Re: [www-ql] <none>

> This point has been made time and again.
> > Specifically I'm more concerned about investing a lot of effort to build a
> > SQL-like syntax that is easily consumed by humans at the expense of one
> > that is easily consumed by automated processes.
> How exactly does XML syntax simplify consumption of XQueries by automated
> processes (apart from the tokenization that Prof. Kifer mentioned)?

It really doesn't help much.

However, one very valid point was raised:
people might write programs that do smart things with queries.
For instance, they might take a query generated by some simple user interface
(e.g., as a result of a form fillout) and transform it into another query,
which might incorporate stuff from some knowledge base.
If the query itself is in XML, it would be easier to change pieces of it
using a standard API.

> (Someone on this thread even mentioned that the XML syntax will
> simplify query execution! )

At times we all get carried away with arguments :-)


Received on Wednesday, 28 February 2001 19:50:42 UTC