Re: First public Working Draft of W3C XML Query Language

At 11:13 AM 2/16/01 -0500, Bob Kline wrote:
> appears that the draft recommendation
>supports queries against individual documents as well as collections of
>documents.  However, unless I've missed some of the juicy bits, it seems
>a bit vague on how to specify the latter (that is, a query against a
>collection of XML documents).  Could you nudge me toward the part of the
>recommendation I should be reading to find the details for specifying a
>query against more than one XML document?

I have not yet had time to read the new QL document, but it seems to me
that this functionality might be better addressed by the DASL protocol,
which is an IETF effort to define a query transport layer that can support
any type of query.  The DASL protocol deliberately did not propose a
solution for XML queries, on the hope and assumption that XML QL, when
defined, would be compatible.  But DASL does define means for specifying
the scope of document collections over which the query is to apply.

Perhaps it's time to see how well XML QL fits with DASL?

You can read about DASL at

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