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1.10.3 + 2.5.7 (and 1.10.2) Redux

2.11 summary

4 new Summary proposals

Action item to write example for UAAG2 SC1.9.6

Action-594 Update links for Gnome and IBM

Agenda 7 July 2011

Agenda+ Web and TV workshop

Agenda: EXTENDED call 18 August 2011

Agenda: Special HTML-A11Y Task Force on 1 August at 15:00Z for 240 minutes

Agenda: UAWG 14 July 2011

Agenda: UAWG 15 Sept. 2011

Agenda: UAWG 21 July 2011

Agenda: UAWG 25 August 2011

Agenda: UAWG telecon 1 Sept 2011

Agenda: UAWG telecon 8 Sept 2011

Agenda: User Agent call 22 September 2011

Agenda: User Agent Teleconference 29 September 2011

Agenda: User Agent Working Group 28 July 2011

Agenda: User Agent Working Group call 11 August 2011

Agenda: User Agent Working Group call 4 August 2011

Apologies about five minutes late for meeting start

Call for Exclusions: UAAG 2.0

Call for Review: UAAG 2.0 and Implementing UAAG 2.0 Working Drafts

CANCELED: UAWG 25 August 2011

Change of Plan for 7/27 meeting

Definitions of "focus" links

Extended Meeting on 8/18

FF Addon showing File Size

Fwd: [UAAG2] Comments

Fwd: Comments on UUA 2.0 Draft 6/11

Fwd: CSS Review Assistance Needed

Fwd: Discontinuing UK and FR dial-in numbers for Zakim

Fwd: For W3C in the Press lists: ATAG & UAAG coverage

Fwd: Heads-up: CSS WG plans last call for css3-speech

Fwd: LCWD of Touch Events v1; comment deadline October 11

Fwd: Thoughts on ATAG2 SC A.3.6.3 Apply Platform Settings

Fwd: TPAC2011 Meeting Registration Open-31Oct-4 Nov. 2011, Santa Clara, CA

Fwd: Two Chinese Mobile OS activities

grets from greg for todays meeting

HTML 5 Review Section 5 Loading Web pages

HTML5 and global accessibility settings

HTML5 bugs and discussion

HTML5 clarifying non-interactive user agents

HTML5 command element and images should support different resolutions

HTML5 could facilitate grouping of menu items

HTML5 Facilitate organizing keyboard commands

HTML5 keyboard use cases, issues, and recommendations

HTML5 link types, microformats and ARIA

HTML5 Marking up content that repeats on related pages

HTML5 misc errors and suggestions

HTML5 should standardize markup for spelling/grammar errors

HTML5 should support tri-state checkboxes

HTML5 Standard pieces of information should be automation-friendly

HTML5 support for viewports and positions

Ideas to simplify UAAG2 Guideline 4.1 Facilitate programmatic access

ISSUE-88: Make a resolution for 1.10.3 and 2.5.7 (merge/separate).

ISSUE-89: Does UAAG20 apply to mobile browsers

language for proposed unconference session

LCWD of Touch Events v1; comment deadline October 11

Minutes: Aug 18, 2011

Minutes: Sept 8 2011 telecon

Minutes: UAWG 1 Sept 2011

Minutes: UAWG 21 July 2011

Minutes: UAWG 4 August 2011

minutes: UAWG call 15 september 2011

Minutes: User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference 07 Jul 2011

Minutes: User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference 14 Jul 2011

Minutes: User Agent Teleconference 22 Sep 2011

Minutes: User Agent Working Group call 11 August 2011

New Editor's Draft

New Editor's draft of UAAG

New Editor's Draft of UAAG 2.0

next week's extended call

Proposals for summary 2.7 - 2.10


Response to your comments on Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0

Smnall Wording Change on Guideline 1.5 - Provide volume configuration. [

Suggested change to Guideline 1.7 - Provide style sheets configuration


Survey for 1 September

Survey for 11 August 2011 Meeting

Survey for 16 September

Survey for this weeks meeting 22 July 2011

Survey for UAAG 22 September meeting

Timelines for UAAG

UAWG question

Update of proposed platform definition for user agents

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