Re: 2.11 summary

a minor point, but I thought we had agreed to use the plural "users" in 
the summary, to subtly make the point that it impacts many people.

I've added this to the survey for next week's meeting.


On 9/22/2011 4:51 PM, Kim Patch wrote:
> Summary: The user can globally show/hide background images (2.11.1),
> load content to play only on on explicit request (2.11.2), render a
> placeholder for executable content (2.11.3), toggle executable content
> (2.11.4), adjust the playback rate of recorded content (2.11.5), control
> and navigate rendered audio and animation that's longer than three
> seconds (2.11.6, 2.11.7). It's also recommended that the user can
> navigate audio and animation based on semantics (2.11.8),
> discover,choose, scale and position available tracks (2.11.9, 2.11.11),
> adjust media size (2.11.10), and control media contrast and brightness
> (2.11.12).

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