Re: Ideas to simplify UAAG2 Guideline 4.1 Facilitate programmatic access

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Re: My statement in my lat message that "Simon and I are discussing an additional requirement related to programmatically conveying onscreen relationships (e.g. elements that are close together)."

I don't think we need any more because 4.1.3 (Level A, see below) already requires onscreen location information to be conveyed ("the bounding dimensions and coordinates of rendered graphical objects ") so that external ATs can try and look for associations and 1.2.3 (Level AAA, see below) requires the user agent itself to look for associations.

4.1.3 Additional Platform Accessibility Service Properties: For each of the following properties, if the property can be communicated by the accessibility platform service, then property is communicated in that way: (Level A)
    the bounding dimensions and coordinates of rendered graphical objects

1.2.3 Repair Missing Associations: The user can specify whether or not the user agent should attempt to predict associations from author-specified presentation attributes (i.e. position and appearance). (Level AAA)


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