Re: LCWD of Touch Events v1; comment deadline October 11

Jumping in on this with a few (not very detailed, but there's more if 
needed) answers:

On 15/09/2011 17:56, Jim Allan wrote:
> This is interesting. I assume that if I have a touchpad on my laptop
> that multipoint touches with work.

It will depend on your laptop OS and browser combo. Traditionally 
"desktop" browsers haven't always supported touch events, but as far as 
I remember Firefox on desktop supports it (in Windows 7 with a 
touch-enabled screen - like on tablet devices). Opera for desktop 
doesn't currently, but as an interesting aside I've seen that the Opera 
Mobile Emulator (used to test our mobile browser in a desktop 
environment) responds to MacBook multitouch on the touchpad.

> ?? can voice commands be mapped to 'touch' commands.
> ?? is it up to the author to ensure that the keyboard and/or mouse
> controls are mapped to touch events

In mobile browsers, there's usually a built-in mapping that translates a 
touch to a series of mouse events. Generally though, this only applies 
to single-touch, and only to individual clicks - a tap on the screen 
fires the various focus/click events, but the browser doesn't "track" a 
touch, nor does it fire any mousemove equivalents. To actually react to 
single-finger movement on the screen, and definitely for multitouch, 
developers need to specifically change their code to track 
touchstart/touchmove/touchend events.

> ?? is this another javascript black hole that the browser knows nothing about.
> we will need to review Guideline 2 Keyboard to make sure this stuff is covered.

Patrick H. Lauke

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