Action item to write example for UAAG2 SC1.9.6

1.9.6 Retrieve Focus: At any time, the user agent is able to retrieve input focus from a nested viewport (including nested viewports that are user agents). (Level A)

Martin is browsing the web with a screen reader and navigates to a web page that launches a movie with an embedded custom-built media player. The custom-built player consumes TAB keystrokes such that pressing TAB on the last control in the player's TAB order brings input focus back to the first control in the player's TAB order resulting in a "keyboard trap". When Martin notices this is happening he activates a keystroke that forces input focus out of the embedded player and on to the next focusable element.

HOWEVER this raises the question: Maybe the nested-viewport case should simply be added to
4.1.3 No Keyboard Trap (Minimum)?


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