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18 December minutes

Abbreviations and expansion

Accessibility vs. consideration X: how to handle


Backus Naur Form (BNF) to XML

Checkpoint on testability

Comments on AERT (longish)

Comments/Quibble on "Making Classes Accessible"

Confusion on the WAI pages

CORRECTION: minutes from 4 December 2000 F2F (joint w/PF)

dinner before the f2f

EARL User Scenarios / The Future


EDL Overview Published

EDL Triple Graphs

evaluation AND REPAIR Language? (EARL)

Face to Face agenda

Februrary all W3C meeting


link suggestion

Mini Market Survey for Evaluation Description Language

minutes from 11 december 2000 telecon

minutes from 4 December 2000 F2F (joint w/PF)

Monday Meeting

Monday Telecon Agenda

New tools by Global Formats

Next meeting Jan 9 with AU

paper on Assuring Accuracy, Integrity and Security in National Elections

Question on abbreviations (fwd)

RDF From Al's OOP Code [was: Re: EDL Overview Published]

RDF Schema for Daniel's EDL [was: Re: RDF From Al's OOP Code]

Ref: Good Grief! The Highs and Lows of Usability Testing


Telecommunication as part of the overall ER/PF F2F transaction

unit evaluation record

User Scenarios

Validating for Accessibility

WAI Praise [was: Re: Validating for Accessibility]

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