Confusion on the WAI pages

As a newcomer to this forum (though not to the issues!), I am concerned
that there appears to be some confusion, and possibly even misleading
information, on the WAI webpages.

1. The distinction between /ER/WG/ and /ER/IG/ caught me out at first,
   but has now been explained to me (I think)!
2. I am still confused about working group membership.  It has been
   suggested that I join the WG and, following the instructions on
   <URL:>, I emailed the Chair named on
   that page (Daniel Dardailler) with a rather vague question about
   what it involves.  Later, following the "charter" link, I found
   further detailed information.  But the charter link is not on
   /ER/WG/ - where I would have found it - but on /ER/IG/.

Can someone please update the pages to remove this confusion?
Perhaps it would be appropriate simply to redirect /WG/ to /IG/,
if the latter is in reality the only active forum?

Nick Kew

Received on Saturday, 30 December 2000 06:13:05 UTC