New tools by Global Formats

Hello all,
I wanted to add the new tools by Global Formats that we have been developing to the evaluation and tools page.
Firstly SWAP is now available,  I discussed the basic principal at the WCAG FTF at Bristol. Basically the site puts a link on it's main page to it's accessible version. On activating the link, each non-compliant element on the page is "swapped", in real time, with an accessible equivalent, creating a completely accessible site.
Because the swap is done in real time, the accessible content is never out of date, and we are alerted immediately if an unidentified or  new element has been added to the original page.
Further, the database, used to make the swap, is site specific, and we can add elements by hand. So when we set up a swap site we can repair all those violations that are so hard to automate, like text in images,  unclear "jargon" text, and ensuring that Alt tags capture the true functionality of a graphic.

We can also swap accessible element with better and more accessible ones, like adding accesskeys to links.
We are also providing site evaluation and/or normal repair services, where we can change the normal content of the site to ensure WCAG 1 compliance.
You may like the AAA compliance logo on our site, which was done entirely by CSS - so that the text in images violation in WCAG 1 was completely avoided.
Best regards, and let me know if further information is required.

Lisa Seeman

Received on Wednesday, 27 December 2000 14:37:31 UTC