Re: Backus Naur Form (BNF) to XML

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> If anyone knows of something like this, please post it,

1. CSS2 is expressed in EBNF:

2. So is XML (thanks to Jelks):

3. Lots of programming languages can be expressed in BNF:

4. Not sure about HTML: "EBNF is also used in many other standards, such as
definitions of protocol formats, data formats and markup languages such as
XML and SGML. (HTML is not defined with a grammar, instead it is defined
with an SGML DTD, which is sort of a higher-level grammar.)" - But
HTML can be converted into XML (XHTML) anyway, so who cares?

5. I think EBNF/BNF describe the langauges themselves rather than outputs
of those langauges, but I could be wrong (I only ever looked at EBNF once

6. I don't think this HTML parse tree is in (E)BNF, but it looks
interesting all the same:

That's the lot. Hoping as ever that this is useful rather than

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