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Alexey Peshehonov/CSS2/Russian

Alexey/CSS1 and CSS2/Russian

Comments on the French translation of HTML 4.0

Franciso Gomes/Brazilian-Portugese/HTML 4.0


Hosting vs linking (was Re: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html40-updates/translations.html)


Jyrki Suhonen/Finnish/HTML 4.0

Michelangelo Bottura/HTML 4.0/Italian

Osvaldo Santos/Portuguese/HTML 4.0

Paul van Egmond/HTML/Dutch

permission request


Ricardo Beltran/Spanish/HTML 4.0

Translation of "International Layout in CSS"

Translation of Ruby

Translation of XHTML 1.0

YNFORM/Chinese/HTML 4.0

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