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Resolution negotiation draft updated Harald Alvestrand (Tuesday, 26 February)

Another API issue: addStream has no callbacks Adam Roach (Monday, 25 February)

Offer to help test stuff Mike Wilkinson (Friday, 22 February)

PeerConnection on WebWorker (Sunday, 24 February)

New editor's draft (v20130222) published. Adam Bergkvist (Friday, 22 February)

[Bug 21086] New: getLocalStreams and getRemoteStreams should return empty sequence after Peerconnection::close (Friday, 22 February)

draft-ietf-rtcweb-rtp-usage: CSRC in the API? Magnus Westerlund (Friday, 22 February)

[Bug 21082] New: remoteDescription and localDescription should return NULL if the PeerConnection has been closed (Friday, 22 February)

Proposal for error handling (programming vs runtime errors) Justin Uberti (Thursday, 21 February)

WebRTC spec errata (regarding states) Justin Uberti (Wednesday, 20 February)

Minor clarification: Default OfferToReceiveVideo in CreateAnswer Harald Alvestrand (Thursday, 14 February)

Contribution to WebRTC Yash Luhadiya (Thursday, 14 February)

Minor document refactoring (split PeerConnection idl) Adam Bergkvist (Wednesday, 13 February)

Timing information: Thoughts Harald Alvestrand (Saturday, 9 February)

Audio device selection (Friday, 8 February)

[minutes] Feb 7 F2F Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Friday, 8 February)

Summary of stats discussion in Boston Justin Uberti (Thursday, 7 February)

How to use stats Martin Thomson (Thursday, 7 February)

DOMHiResTimeStamp Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Thursday, 7 February)

nitpicking the code and examples Martin Thomson (Wednesday, 6 February)

Re: Remote participation Vojislav Vucetic (vvucetic) (Monday, 4 February)

Media Capture TF now operating under the new Charter Stefan Håkansson LK (Tuesday, 5 February)

Webex for WebRTC / RTCWeb / MMusic interim meeting Cullen Jennings (fluffy) (Tuesday, 5 February)

Consensus to publish FPWD of MediaStream Recording document Stefan Håkansson LK (Friday, 1 February)

Re: Fwd: Proposal for some constrains we need Harald Alvestrand (Friday, 1 February)

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