Re: PeerConnection on WebWorker

Agree with Harald. While this seems useful, getting the basics right is our
first priority.

Out of curiosity, WebSockets work properly in Web Workers right now? My
understanding was that this was still a work in progress.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 9:03 AM, Harald Alvestrand <>wrote:

>  On 02/25/2013 05:13 PM, wrote:
> Also another advantage of this would be to increase throughtput of
> DataChannels when used intensively as in my application since working from
> inside the WebWorker they don't get interfered from the main UI thread.
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> El 24/02/2013 23:51, "Alexey Aylarov" <> escribió:
> If there's someone who understands the model of Web Workers and is
> interested in the subject, can that person please volunteer to provide some
> text (with pointers) on:
> - What it means to use a PeerConnection from a WebWorker (or a
> SharedWorker?)
> - What the security implications are
> - What the concurrency implications are
> - What needs to be changed in our current spec to allow it?
> I know that multithread programming has quite a few interesting "gotchas"
> in other languages / runtime environments; I assume that the Javascript
> WebWorker environment is no different in that regard (but the "gotchas"
> are, I'm sure, different).
> It seems less than efficient to have people singing the praises of
> WebWorkers piecemeal, and having no context to place this idea against.
>           Harald

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