Re: Offer to help test stuff

On 2013-02-22 04:29, Mike Wilkinson wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have just been a passive listener for a while. I am very impressed
> with the brilliant minds on this amazing promising technology.
> I am not a hard core C guy that can help you a whole lot with
> programming but what I am is a Web app guy who works primarily in Java,
> JSF, etc.. and I am extremely genuinely passionate about Web-RTC and its
> promise.
> I have a little hobby project I have been playing with. I taught myself
> Haxe technology and Red5 server and build out a FOSS collaboration site
> but was plagued with latency and echo issues. I have since adopted
> Web-RTC and taught myself how to sort of hack together a collaboration
> using Web-RTC and chrome based loosely on Justin Uberti's demo.
> I told you all of that to say this, If I can help at a web application
> developer of Web-RTC perspective on things at all, please let me know. I
> would be happy to run test cases or employ emerging releases into a
> "real-world" test example with my hobby site.
> I don't know if that is helpful or not and also I apologize for being so
> verbose but if you need any assistance with testing please let me know.
> (the whole email could have been these last two sentences.) again
> apologies for the verbosity.
> Let me know if there is any way I can help. My time is limited of course
> but I can find some hours each week for this!


Thanks, help with testing is always appreciated. :)

We haven't gotten to far when it comes to testing the spec. I know that 
DOM (our W3C guy) is pushing us to start writing test and he has written 
a few tests using the W3C tools for this purpose. He has also created a 
separate mailing list for testing [1].

Se [2] for more info.



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