Re: PeerConnection on WebWorker

I think that probably it could be an interesting concept - try to use web 
workers to support connection while page is reloaded or URL is changed. Of 
course, it should work with the same domain only and there are a lof of 
other questions related to web workers, but at least it's something that is 
already implemented and can be used to solve the problem "no way to reload 
the page without dropping the connection"

On Sunday, February 24, 2013 5:49:40 AM UTC+4, Jesús Leganés Combarro wrote:
> I've got this issue on Chrome v24 and v26, but I think it's related 
> with the specificacion since I didn't see anything about it there. 
> I'm trying to create a PeerConnection (to later create a DataChannel 
> from it) from inside a WebWorker, with the idea of use in the future a 
> SharedWorker. My intention is to move all the logic of my application 
> (a P2P filesharing application) to a SharedWorker and leave only on 
> the window thread the UI related code, so it can be accessed from 
> several browser tabs at a time, and also have the option to easily use 
> a WebSocket to a remote server running the logic of the application 
> instead against the local WebWorker/SharedWorker (the API is almost 
> the same, only one using send() method and the other usind 
> postMessage() method. I truly don't know why that difference between 
> both, but this a different story...). The problem is that trying to 
> create the PeerConnection inside the WebWorker it tell me that both 
> webkitRTCPeerConnection and RTCPeerConnection are not defined, so I 
> suppose this use case was not considered by the specification. 
> A temporal solution would be that the WebWorker send back the 
> petitions to use the PeerConnection object to the window thread and 
> process them there, but this would over complicate the application 
> architecture and also decrease performance. 
> Any clue about this topic? 
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