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Supporting base64 in nonce-value Adam Barth (Saturday, 29 June)

[webappsec] CSP reporting and sandbox directive Hill, Brad (Wednesday, 26 June)

Re: CSP: error handling Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 25 June)

CSP: origin from a URL Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 25 June)

Content Security Policy: inline style blocking, CSSOM and unsafe-eval Ian Melven (Monday, 24 June)

Re: Possible bug in algorithm to match a source expression? Adam Barth (Sunday, 23 June)

Cross-Origin Cookies Sharing Proposal Huan Du (Friday, 21 June)

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CSP: connect-src Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 20 June)

meta restrictions (ACTION 109) Daniel Veditz (Tuesday, 18 June)

policy-uri proposal (ACTION 97) Daniel Veditz (Tuesday, 18 June)

Today's call cancelled Eric Rescorla (Tuesday, 18 June)

Content Security Policy 1.1 : script-nonce or script-hash Olivier Jaquemet (Tuesday, 18 June)

Re: cspBuilder Wizard Ken Lee (Monday, 17 June)

Content Security Policy Евнгений Яременко (Friday, 14 June)

Web Developer Security 1.0 - Training Tues 6/18 Tanvi Vyas (Thursday, 13 June)

[webappsec-testsuite] New test server for CSP testing. Hill, Brad (Tuesday, 11 June)

[webappsec] No TPAC meeting in Shenzhen Hill, Brad (Thursday, 6 June)

Fetching contexts Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 6 June)

Fwd: webappsec tests moved to GitHub Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 5 June)

Agenda for June 4 Teleconference Eric Rescorla (Tuesday, 4 June)

[Bug 22256] New: Add a note regarding first line of defense. (Tuesday, 4 June)

[webappsec] plugin-types directive for CLSIDs in IE Hill, Brad (Tuesday, 4 June)

RE: Cross-domain information leak with UI Security Directives Hill, Brad (Sunday, 2 June)

Specifying nonce-source for every directive Garrett Robinson (Friday, 31 May)

Re: [filter-effects][css-masking] Move security model for resources to CSP Anne van Kesteren (Saturday, 1 June)

Re: broadening default-src semantics Daniel Veditz (Saturday, 1 June)

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