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"Packing on the Web" -- performance use cases / implications

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[agenda] teleconf 2015-02-25?

[agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference Agenda 2015-02-11

[Frame Timing] Interaction with WebGL

[minutes] Web Performance Group 2015-02-11

[nav+resource-timing] add workerStart to measure ServiceWorker startup

[navigation-error-logging] new draft proposal

[navigation-error-logging] remove "navigation" requirement?

[Resource Timing] Browser discrepancies with requests that don't return a response

[server-timing] first run at spec draft

ACTION-150: Send an email about what's new in navtiming2

ACTION-151: Send an email on raf

ACTION-152: Make it clear that duration can be negative in ut

add "networkDuration" to Resource Timing

Call for Exclusions: Server Timing

handling multi-request fetches in Nav & Resource Timing

Notification for new navigation timing entries

Page Visibility updates and proposed hooks

PerformanceEntry serializers

Question about Resource timing Spec (

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