Re: Notification for new navigation timing entries

On 2/12/15 4:51 PM, Ilya Grigorik wrote:
> (1) Allow buffering use cases to store the event lists BUT defer
> creation of the PerformanceEntry objects until they are retrieved by the
> script via the item getter.

OK.  Then you can't use an actual array, obviously.

That's a problem if there is already deployed code that assumes this 
object is an array.  Are there implementations shipping right now with 
an array here?

You can almost get away with doing an [ArrayClass] thing, except for the 
issues around concat... but maybe those wouldn't arise in this case, or 
we can actually do the @@isConcatSpreadable thing or something.  Not 
sure what the status of that being implemented in JS engines is.

> Boris, Philippe: any suggestions for how to deliver that while providing
> the best developer experience? FWIW, the intent behind the above IDL was
> to provide: forEach support

The IDL in 
doesn't provide that.

Also doesn't provide .map(), which is something I expect people might 
want to use...

I think just making this [ArrayClass] would probably achieve most of 
what you want, as long as we don't run into issues with concat().

Also, you can use an anonymous getter to avoid adding an item() thing 
that seems superfluous right?


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