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[Bug 5283] "interchange set" or "interchange model"

[Bug 5298] Consider using another term for 'URI scheme'

[Bug 5341] EPR Reference Scheme Note

[Bug 5390] How to handle non-embedded documents referenced by EPRs in SML-IF

[Bug 5451] acknowledge past contributors

[Bug 5475] Add acknowledgement sections to match SML spec

[Bug 5506] Link name for 5.5 Schema Document Bindings

[Bug 5513] Why does SML define sml:ref instead of using XLink

[Bug 5518] Why are rules allowed on both element declaration and type definitions

[Bug 5519] Relationship between SML model validity and XSD validity assessment needs to be precisely defined

[Bug 5520] Why is document defined as a character sequence?

[Bug 5522] The term "containing element" is not clear

[Bug 5523] Discuss the behavior of GET on URI

[Bug 5524] Rename section

[Bug 5525] Confusing section names

[Bug 5526] What does "nested to any depth" mean?

[Bug 5527] Why is NCName optional?

[Bug 5528] xs:import for SML namespace is unnecessary

[Bug 5530] Use consistent form for MIT URI

[Bug 5541] Why is schema-less identification of reference elements important?

[Bug 5542] How are SML URIs absolutized

[Bug 5543] SML URI seems overconstrained

[Bug 5544] Why does SML require that the target of SMLURI be an XML element?

[Bug 5545] Reconcile SML URIs with RFC3986

[Bug 5546] Reconcile SML-IF with RFC 2557

[Bug 5558] Definition & use of word Document

[Bug 5561] SML should define a Simple XLink Reference Scheme

[Bug 5562] SML should define an XHTML href Reference Scheme

[Bug 5564] recursive definition of DerefExpr should be restored

[Bug 5580] re-define SML URI scheme in terms of xs:anyURI type

[Bug 5587] Redundant text "interchange set"

[Bug 5598] title of section 4.2.7, deref() XPath Extension Function

[Bug 5599] use of sml:acyclic

[Bug 5600] request for additional examples

[Bug 5606] Update spec to clarify SML reference resolution

[Bug 5635] impl-defined and impl-dependent used, but not defined

[Bug 5636] why prohibit rules on local decls/defs described by other specs?

[Bug 5637] inconsistencies in language for rule attachment to schema components

[Bug 5638] fix consistency of language for schematron constraints

[Bug 5645] remove spurious ns1 binding from appendix A and reflow line

[Bug 5653] Final vocabulary clean-up

[Bug 5656] Defining interoperability for user-defined reference schemes

[Bug 5657] Define implementation-defined and -dependent, use consistently

[Bug 5658] restore accidental change to smlif:identityType

[Bug 5659] schemaComplete default value

[w3c sml] [EPR Note] New draft

[w3c sml] [EPR Note] New version of EPR Note

[w3c sml] [EPR Note] Response to Comment #9, Issue 5431

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2008-03-27 Teleconference minutes

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2008-03-31 ot 2008-04-02 Face to Face minutes

[w3c sml][agenda] 2008-04-10 SML Telecon

[w3c sml][agenda] 2008-04-17 SML telecon agenda

[w3c sml][agenda] 2008-04-24 SML Telecon

[w3c sml][agenda][v2] 2008-04-24 SML Telecon

[w3c sml][agenda][v2] 2008-05-01 SML Telecon

[w3c sml][agenda][ver 2] 2008-04-17 SML telecon agenda

[w3c sml][minutes] 2008-04-10 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][minutes] 2008-04-17 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][minutes] 2008-04-24 SML Teleconference

CFP: Mashups'08 @ ICSOC

draft response on bug 5562

regrets for 4/24

Regrets for tomorrow - 4/24

RFC 2557 & SML-IF

SML interop test plan

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