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LODD Telcon Minutes Susie Stephens (Wednesday, 31 March)

NCBO Webinar Series - Sivaram Arabandi, April 7 Trish Whetzel (Wednesday, 31 March)

Metagenomics, Metadata and Meta-analysis / Biosharing - SIG at ISMB 2010 [Call for PAPERS and POSTERS] Susanna Sansone (Tuesday, 30 March)

TMO Telcon Susie Stephens (Tuesday, 30 March)

[COI] Tcon today: March 30, 2010 11:00-12:00 EST Helen Chen (Tuesday, 30 March)

Call for Participation and Proposals - The Metadata Committee of The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2010 Jie Bao (Tuesday, 30 March)

Sci Discourse call today "Rhetorical Document Subtask" is *cancelled* Tim Clark (Monday, 29 March)

Re: Visit + FoRC? Tim Clark (Monday, 29 March)

LODD Telcon Susie Stephens (Monday, 29 March)

HCLS Terminology conference call is scheduled for MONDAY, March 29, 2010 John Madden (Monday, 29 March)

TMO: Please provide feedback on User Interaction Storyboard Andersson, Bo H (Friday, 26 March)

TMO: Telcon Minutes Susie Stephens (Thursday, 25 March)

Minutes for Scientific Discourse call M. Scott Marshall (Wednesday, 24 March)

Last Call for Papers: RDF ACS conference, Boston 2010 Egon Willighagen (Wednesday, 24 March)

Translational Medicine Telcon Susie Stephens (Tuesday, 23 March)

TMO teleconference minutes Elgar Pichler (Saturday, 20 March)

Re: Kickoff meeting - W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse + Data + Experiment Jun Zhao (Monday, 22 March)

[COI] Tcon Tomorrow: March 23, 2010 11:00 - 12:00 EDT Helen Chen (Monday, 22 March)

TERM call cancelled today (3/22) John Madden (Monday, 22 March)

2nd Call for Papers: Semantic Chemistry with the Resource Description Framework (CINF Symposium, ACS Autumn 2010) 240th ACS National Meeting & Exposition Egon Willighagen (Saturday, 20 March)

BioRDF Telcon Kei Cheung (Friday, 19 March)

A research position at SRI Vinay Chaudhri (Wednesday, 17 March)

Bio-Ontologies SIG at ISMB 2010 - Call for PAPERS and POSTERS Susanna Sansone (Wednesday, 17 March)

Kickoff meeting - W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse + Data + Experiment Tim Clark (Tuesday, 16 March)

TMO Telcon Susie Stephens (Tuesday, 16 March)

[COI] tomorrow's Tcon: March 16, 11:00-12:00 EDT Helen Chen (Monday, 15 March)

LODD Telcon Cancelled Susie Stephens (Monday, 15 March)

Daylight Savings Time has started in U.S. (Tomorrow's Terminology call affected) M. Scott Marshall (Monday, 15 March)

Text mining vacancy Concept Web (PhD student; Netherlands) Marco Roos (Saturday, 13 March)

Thickness of lines in this figure Oliver Ruebenacker (Thursday, 11 March)

semantic web for EHRs conor dowling (Wednesday, 10 March)

moving / consolidating Sci Disc calls Tim Clark (Thursday, 11 March)

who's coming to the April 22 face to face? Eric Prud'hommeaux (Wednesday, 10 March)

Fwd: Daylight Saving Time start for 2010 M. Scott Marshall (Tuesday, 9 March)

[COI] Tcon tomorow: March 9, 2010 11:00 - 12:00 EST Helen Chen (Monday, 8 March)

OTM 2010 - Call for Workshop Proposals - DEADLINE EXTENDED March 15 Gonzalo Méndez (Monday, 8 March)

TERM call 3/8 cancelled John Madden (Monday, 8 March)

BioRDF Telcon Kei Cheung (Sunday, 7 March)

Provenance M. Scott Marshall (Friday, 5 March)

HCLS telcon minutes M. Scott Marshall (Thursday, 4 March)

TMO Telcon Minutes Susie Stephens (Thursday, 4 March)

LODD Telcon Minutes Susie Stephens (Wednesday, 3 March)

OWLED 2010: First Call for Papers Evren Sirin (Wednesday, 3 March)

Reminder: HCLS telcon on Thu M. Scott Marshall (Wednesday, 3 March)

Re: SKOS/Datasets Ross Singer (Wednesday, 3 March)

REMINDER: NCBO Webinar - Rebecca Crowley, March 3 Trish Whetzel (Tuesday, 2 March)

Translational Medicine Ontology Telcon Susie Stephens (Tuesday, 2 March)

Re: next Scientific Discourse (larger group) concall: Tues Mar 2 @ 10am EST / 15:00 GMT M. Scott Marshall (Tuesday, 2 March)

[COI] Tcon Today: March 2, 2010 11:00 - 12:00 EST Helen Chen (Tuesday, 2 March)

LODD Telcon Susie Stephens (Tuesday, 2 March)

ORES2010 extended deadline: March 7th. Invited talk confirmed: Nigam Shah! Alexander Garcia Castro (Monday, 1 March)

TERM today John F. Madden MD, PhD (Monday, 1 March)

Re: [DIGLIB] Request for "Good" Ontologies chaim Zins (Monday, 1 March)

Fw: SKOS/Datasets (Monday, 1 March)

Minutes for last Terminology Call M. Scott Marshall (Monday, 1 March)

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