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2012-02-14 meeting minutes ...

[TC] Initial set of Test Cases to check

[TC] Minor update

ACTION-197: Contacting Mariano

Adobe patent for RDB Direct Mapping?

Agenda for Feb 14 Telcon

char vs varchar in testcases

Contacting Antonio Garrote - clj-r2rml

contrasing SPARQL Federation + DM/R2RML vs. SQL federation tools

CR officially published!

Direct Mapping spec ready to go for CR!

Fwd: [Moderator Action] Re: Adobe patent for RDB Direct Mapping?

Fwd: Daylight Saving Time change –first half of 2012

Last Call wiki page

LC Status and implementation reports

Meeting minutes 2012-02-07 ...

Minutes of RDB2RDF WG Telcon for 2012-02-28 meeting

negative test case question

Percent-encoding in DM still broken?

Please review R2RML SotD section

Proposal to raise awareness around our RBB2RDF work

R2RML spec ready to go for CR!

R2RML: rr:termType or rr:termtype (like rr:datatype)?

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2012-02-07 meeting 1700 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2012-02-28 meeting 1700 UTC

rdb2rdf-tc new entry for data errors

Small typo in r2rml

Some problems in test suite RDFa/manifests

TC - Delimited identifiers minor question

TC information

TCs updated

Troublesome reference to the wiki in R2RML spec


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