Re: Please review R2RML SotD section

On 2 Feb 2012, at 15:05, David McNeil wrote:
> Richard - I reviewed the SOTD text. My comments are inline below.

Thanks - responses below. Note though the following bit from my email:

>> I'm finalizing the R2RML CR draft. Please review the “Status of this Document” section:
>> The text (without hyperlinks) is also pasted below for your convenience.

That should already explain a couple of your points ;-)

>> A preliminary implementation report is available.
> It is? This seems to say that an implementation report is available which surprises me. I thought this would be written in the future after several implementers have submitted test results and some interoperability tests have been done.

This is a hyperlink in the HTML version:

It points to

I call that page a preliminary implementation report ;-) Or well Michael will turn it into one.

>> The Working Group primarily seeks feedback related to implementations of R2RML, but feedback on any aspect of the document is welcome. Comments and implementation reports
> Hmm.. this seems to use "implementation report" in a different way. I thought you said above that the artifact referenced here would be called a "test result" rather than an "implementation report". 

You're right, I missed this one. Thanks! Now fixed.

This is revision *200* of the R2RML spec. Champagne!

> Changes Since Last Call Working Draft
> <snip>
> A detailed description of changes and a diff of all changes since Last Call are available. 
> It is appropriate to put a link to the diff here?

It's a link in the HTML version. It points to
and the bit about “detailed description of changes” points to

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