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[Bug 1207] Is unsignedInt("+123") an error?

[Bug 1542] [FS] editorial: 3.1.1 Static Context

[Bug 3576] static-context-1 should raise XPTY0004

[Bug 3757] [FS] technical: 2.3.1 ElementValue

[Bug 3822] Static typing of tests using fn:QName

[Bug 3824] Static typing of various fnin-scope-prefixes tests

[Bug 3828] Return typing of function-declaration-001 invalid for static typing

[Bug 3829] Static typing of function declarations

[Bug 3830] Static typing of function declarations (K-Function-Prolog)

[Bug 3832] Static typing in use cases

[Bug 3833] Static typing of fn-lang

[Bug 3834] Static typing of "order by" expressions in use cases

[Bug 3845] Missing tests for last()

[Bug 3847] inconsistent definition of idiv

[Bug 3856] No tests for doc-available()

[Bug 3867] Static type checking of Constr-docnode-parent-1

[Bug 3904] [FT] Tokenization: implementation-defined or implementation-dependent

[Bug 3907] [FT] Section 2.1 after processing model figure

[Bug 3909] [FT] Section 2.2.1 Explaining ignore option...

[Bug 3921] [FT] Section 3.1.9 wording

[Bug 3929] [FT] Section 3.2.2: Edtorial

[Bug 3938] [FT] Section 4.1: Attribute and other non-element node tokenization

[Bug 3943] Static typing of prolog-version-6 and prolog-version-7

[Bug 3956] Old error on extvardeclwithouttype-23

[Bug 3959] fn-base-uri-23 incorrect URI?

[Bug 3971] More XQTS static type errors

[Bug 3974] typos in input-file for trivial-{1,2,3,4} tests

[Bug 4006] Additional error code for version_declaration-005 and prolog-version-8

[Bug 4023] fn-abs-more-args-024 is incorrect

[Bug 4024] ST-WhereExpr001 should not be expected to fail?

[Bug 4027] Broken sentence in definition of fn:deep-equal

[Bug 4028] nodexpression23 assumes particular ordering

[Bug 4029] URI Escaping

[Bug 4030] [F+O] "may not" ambiguity

[Bug 4031] Final Result Trees

[Bug 4032] copynamespace-3

[Bug 4036] lang() function: usage of hyphen "-"

[Bug 4046] ForExprType049 - ForExprType053

[Bug 4050] Invalid URI in some aggregate functions tests

[Bug 4051] Invalid URI in some aggregate functions tests

[Bug 4080] [F+O] Backwards compatibility appendix

[Bug 4082] Static typing of annex-6

[Bug 4083] Static typing fails for fn-intersect-node-args-003 & fn-except-node-args-003

[Bug 4084] Constr-cont-nodeid-1, -3, -4 and -5

[Bug 4084] Static typing of Constr-cont-nodeid-1, -3, -4 and -5

[Bug 4085] Static typing of Constr-compelem-compname-8

[Bug 4086] Static typing of Constr-compelem-constrmod-3, Constr-compelem-constrmod-4

[Bug 4088] Static typing of K-WhereExpr-1 and K-WhereExpr-2

[Bug 4095] Static typing of K-InternalVariablesWith-12

[Bug 4100] Test missing for fn:doc() applied on non-well-formed document

[Bug 4101] qName-1 has variable named incorrectly

[Bug 4106] [F+O] regex syntax: position of backreference

[Bug 4107] Catalog specify wrong compare method

[Bug 4108] fn-resolve-uri-4

[XSLT2] xsl:number difference in XSLT2 and XSLT1 when using from



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