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[Bug 4046] ForExprType049 - ForExprType053

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------- Comment #1 from tim@cbcl.co.uk  2006-12-12 17:57 -------
This problem also applies to ForExprType025-ForExprType027.

I believe the problem boils down to the following issue:

>From Formal Semantics 2.4.2

 element * of type xs:anyType

is a type for any element.

Also, in FS 7.2.6

"When applied to an element type whose type annotation denotes a complex type
of mixed content, the data on filter returns xs:untypedAtomic."

and in XQuery 2.5.2

"If the type annotation is xs:untyped or xs:anySimpleType or denotes a complex
type with mixed content (including xs:anyType), then the typed value of the
node is equal to its string value, as an instance of xs:untypedAtomic.."

Therefore I believe the following three judgements to be correct.

data on element * of xs:anySimpleType : xs:untypedAtomic

data on element * of xs:untyped : xs:untypedAtomic

data on element * of xs:anyType : xs:untypedAtomic

Now, from FS, we know

data on element * of xs:integer : xs:integer

I find it strange that if

element * of xs:integer is a subtype of element * of xs:anyType


data on element * of xs:integer 
is not a subtype of
data on element * of xs:anyType

because xs:integer is not a subtype of xs:untypedAtomic.  They are related only
by the "can be promoted to" judgement.
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