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[check] :8001 updated, 0.6.1 in progress... Terje Bless (Sunday, 1 December)

Press Coverage Karl Dubost (Saturday, 30 November)

[FYI] Buzgilla config change Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (Friday, 29 November)

Validator changes: 0_6_0 or HEAD? Ville Skyttä (Thursday, 28 November)

FYI : power outage at keio, december 1st Olivier Thereaux (Thursday, 28 November)

Re: [ANN] New generation of the "Markup Validator" released Terje Bless (Wednesday, 27 November)

New checklink doc page broken Ville Skyttä (Tuesday, 26 November)

[draft][ANN] New generation of the "Markup Validator" released Olivier Thereaux (Tuesday, 26 November)

[check] Almost there, tarballs, CVS, done... Terje Bless (Monday, 25 November)

[check] Progress Towards Release... Terje Bless (Sunday, 24 November)

we're going to have an official bugzilla Olivier Thereaux (Thursday, 14 November)

Forst prototype XML Validation Webservice Nick Kew (Wednesday, 13 November)

Re: Maintaining sgml-lib Olivier Thereaux (Wednesday, 6 November)

[logvalidator] Online logvalidator ? Olivier Thereaux (Tuesday, 5 November)

[check] Beta 3 Relnotes... Terje Bless (Sunday, 3 November)

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