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[check] Beta 3 Relnotes...

From: Terje Bless <link@pobox.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 20:18:36 +0100
To: QA Dev <public-qa-dev@w3.org>
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I'm about to tag Beta 3 in CVS. Below are proposed release notes.

The big issue that needs discussion is the XML Output. Stay or go?

I have an updated version
<URL:http://mail.tj.unn.no/check?uri=www.vir.si;output=xml> that includes a
Document Type Declaration and an XSLT Stylesheet (thanks to Nick). I'm more
comfortable comitting to supporting this version -- allthough it's most
definitely labelled "Beta"! -- considering it won't likely be very
interesting to most people if I get the SOAP interface in in 0.7.0.

But my "liability" on this thing is zero so y'all W3Cers are invited to
"veto" it's release if you feel it necessary. I'm still somewhat ambivalent
about it. The XML output has sorta just grown happenstance instead of being
"designed" as such, so while I'm reasonably comfortable with it's current
state, experience suggests there are pitfalls lurking in there too.

Unless some discussion happens, it will be released by default!

Pre-Release Notes -- still in need of some grammar and spelling love:

-- cut here
The following changes and new features:

* The error message when the configuration file is not found is now
  much clearer.
* The XML Output is now much improved, and nominally at Beta status.
* Many spelling, captialization, and grammar fixes.
* The DOCTYPE override will now replace the orginal DOCTYPE instead
  of always inserting it at the beginning fo the file.
* Sample code in output and documentation has been updated.
* More error messages now take into account whether file upload or
  normal processing was done.
* Output layout has changed to adress usability concerns.
* Many POST requests are now redirected to a GETable URL when possible.
* Perl version 5.6.0 is now the minimum required version.
* The jump links in output are now context sensitive.
* We're now excrisiatingly up fromt about SP's limitations with XML.
* More links to external resources (thanks to Liam Quinn and the WDG).
* We now allow the pedantically correct /referrer as well as /referer. :-)
* Many output-escaping fixes and entity reference related fixes.

ID Result    Summary
== =========
 1 FIXED     XHTML 1.1/Basic 1.0 missing from detailed.html

 2 FIXED     ISO-8859-3 mislabelled on detailed.html.

 3 FIXED     Results from Advanced form are not GETable.

 5 FIXED     No Revalidate button on files without doctype [...].

 7 FIXED     Fatal Error: No DOCTYPE specified!
13 FIXED     Caveat about limited XML support missing.

15 FIXED     Wrong MIME type for SVG.

16 FIXED     Config filename in error message is wrong.

17 FIXED     Bad style on invalid results page.

19 FIXED     "page NOT valid" should be "page not valid".
20 FIXED     "this icon" is unclear after position of icon changed.
21 FIXED     Find alternate way to handle buggy CSS implementations.

23 FIXED     Missing URI/File gives bad error message.

25 INVALID   preparse() called twice per request

40 INVALID   Charset defaulting behaviour.

41 FIXED     Trailing slash on /check/ breaks relative links.

46 FIXED     "would validate" too hard to spot.
47 FIXED     Output refers to "Strict" for a "Transitional" file.

57 FIXED     Validator requires perl >= 5.6.0

58 FIXED     Doctype override always inserts to first line

59 FIXED     Jump to bar has always same links

64 FIXED     Validator does not escape & properly.
-- cut here

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