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new security/privacy review questions Greg Norcie (Wednesday, 24 June)

Geofencing and privacy Christine Runnegar (Wednesday, 24 June)

Security and privacy questionnaire (Monday, 22 June)

PING call - 25 June - call details Christine Runnegar (Monday, 15 June)

Save the date - PING at IETF - Thursday 23 July Christine Runnegar (Wednesday, 10 June)

[Fwd: CfP in Automotive Privacy and Security Task Force] Ted Guild (Monday, 8 June)

PING - informal chairs summary - 14 May 2015 Christine Runnegar (Monday, 1 June)

in-private an incognito browser research results 2012 to now Rodrigo Ruiz (Tuesday, 26 May)

Fwd: [W3C Web Security IG] about fingerprining and TAG position Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 26 May)

Fwd: privacy review for Web Payments standard Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Thursday, 14 May)

CSS3 UI spec with in-line security/privacy review Wendy Seltzer (Wednesday, 13 May)

PING - informal chairs’ summary – 09 April 2015 Tara Whalen (Tuesday, 12 May)

PING call - 14 May 2015 - call details Christine Runnegar (Friday, 8 May)

Subresource Integrity: review requested Brad Hill (Thursday, 7 May)

FYI: First Public Working Draft of Web Payments Use Cases Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 29 April)

Spec review request: CSV on the Web Dan Brickley (Monday, 20 April)

Fwd: Request for feedback: Media Capture and Streams Last Call Wendy Seltzer (Wednesday, 15 April)

PING @ IETF 92 - informal chairs summary Christine Runnegar (Saturday, 11 April)

Fwd: PING call - 9 April 2015 - call details Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 7 April)

Amnesty International's "Mutant Font" Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Thursday, 2 April)

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