Subresource Integrity: review requested


The Web Application Security Working Group requests wide review of the following specification. 

   Subresource Integrity
The group requests feedback via with [SRI] in subject line, ideally before 2015-05-26.

This specification defines a mechanism by which user agents may verify that a fetched resource has been delivered without unexpected manipulation.  Specifically, this version uses hashed metadata annotations delivered as a new "integrity" attribute of the <script> and <link> tags.

Level 1 is intended as a "minimum viable" release, targeting what the group believes to be a few high-value use cases with the most manageable requirements, in order to learn how such a mechanism will interact with the large scale architecture of the Web, before proceeding to additional features and scenario targets.

The group has specifically asked for feedback on the following:

Fetch Integration
Privacy and Security Considerations
CORS interactions
Future Considerations regarding broader integration into other HTML elements Extensibility ============================================


Brad Hill
Co-chair, WebAppSec WG

Received on Thursday, 7 May 2015 21:15:37 UTC