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[MINUTES] HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference 2015-05-21

A11Y-ACTION-320: Get the alt stub published.

A11Y-ACTION-321: to schedule wbex practice call immediately after next week's meeting, and others as we feel we can manage them and need them, until everyone knows how it wokrs.

A11Y-ACTION-322: Check with rich next week on testing of new accessibility features

A11Y-ACTION-323: Draft a transcript extension specification

A11Y-ACTION-324: Work with brian and léonie, with discussion in tf but telling the rest of the world about tab panels.

Agenda, thursday teleconference

ARIA use in HTML other than for accessibility.

Call for response: meeting in Europe, 9-10 July

face to face meeting, July 8-10, Zaragoza, Spain

Fwd: F2F Meeting: Custom Elements, 21 July, Bay Area California

HTML-A11Y Task Force Agenda; 21 May at 15:00Z

HTML-A11Y Task Force Agenda; 28 May at 15:00Z

Implementation questions around HTML structural elements and ARIA Landmarks

Main Telecon Topic This Thursday: D-Pub & ARIA Roles

Minutes from today

Minutes: HTML A11y TF teleconf, 14th May 2015

No Teleconference This Week--7 May

Re : FW: associating video and audio transcripts…

TF Decision on CfC: Publish "Using ARIA in HTML" Heartbeat

Update on HTML plan next steps

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