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[compositing] Typo in inline CSS of draft

[css-filters-2] Clarify 'backdrop-filter' in circular case

[css-transforms-1] [css-transforms-2] Quaternion rotation when one angle is 0

[css-transforms-1] SLERP edge case behaviour

[css-transforms] 'transform-box' defaults in svg

[css-transforms] clarity of definitions of 3D rendering contexts

[css-transforms] description of rendering of elements

[CSSWG] Minutes Paris F2F 2015-08-27 Part I: FXTF Meeting Part I; SVG Resources, SVG Images Without Intrinsic Size, Matrix Interpolation Revisited, SLERPing and 0deg angles [SVG] [css-animations] [css-transitions] [css-transforms]

[CSSWG] Minutes Paris F2F 2015-08-27 Part II: FXTF Meeting Part II; glyph-orientation, writing-mode Values from SVG 1.1, getTransformToElement, Path Animation,Zoom Features for Media Queries

[filter-effects] blur() shouldn't alpha at its borders

[web animations] Global playback rate

[web-animations] Animation composite order

[web-animations] Animation composite order (was: Ordering animations based on when they transition from idle)

[web-animations] miscellaneous feedback

[web-animations] Moving the name attribute to Animation

[web-animations] Ordering animations based on when they transition from idle

[web-animations] Request to publish another WD of Web Animations

[web-animations] Rethinking document.timeline.getAnimations

[web-animations] Updating the finished promise in a separate task

ClientRectList.item() usage is very low in Blink

Need for extended cubic-beziers

SVG image security restrictions

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