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[dxwg] Correct typo in dcat:endpointDescription (#1237)

[dxwg] new commits pushed by riccardoAlbertoni

[dxwg] Pull Request: Correct typo in dcat:endpointDescription

[dxwg] Pull Request: mediaType a subPropertyOf encodingFormat

[dxwg] Review new DCTERMS version to check possible conflicts with DCAT2 (#1213)

[dxwg] Version subject [RVSS] (#93)

[dxwg] versioning and resource status (#1238)

Closed: [dxwg] Version subject [RVSS] (#93)

DCAT sub-group call 2020.05.20 - 21:00 UTC

DXWG Meeting: 2020-05-12 - 20:00 UTC

DXWG Meeting: 2020-05-26 - 20:00 UTC

dxwg-ACTION-422: Reach out to nick and rob about organizing work

dxwg-ACTION-423: Send an email to the group about feedback on the wiki page on versioning

Fwd: [RDA Newsletter] The TRUST Principles - An RDA Community Effort

PROF Implementation Report Draft

Reminder! DXWG Meeting: 2020-05-12 - 20:00 UTC

Some references about versioning

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