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Agenda DPVCG telco 4 June 16:00 CEST

Agenda tomorrow: vote to publish (and regrets from my side)


dpvcg-ACTION-111: Generate the separate rdf files per namespace.

dpvcg-ACTION-112: Review spec and reflection of issues in the spec on next tue

dpvcg-ACTION-113: Together with harsh check comments in spreadsheets (drive-comments and 'comments' column) and how they are reflected in the generated spec

dpvcg-ACTION-114: Make a concrete proposal along specification of data controller categories by sector in the spec.

dpvcg-ACTION-115: Sends out an email with pointer to the reviewable spec and rdf files by the end of the week to the list for insternal review.

dpvcg-ACTION-116: Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week.

dpvcg-ACTION-117: Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week.

dpvcg-ACTION-118: Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week.

dpvcg-ACTION-119: Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week.

dpvcg-ACTION-120: Update the document according to today's agreement.

dpvcg-ACTION-121: Clean up/restructure the github repository according to today's agreement.

dpvcg-ACTION-122: Send a pull request to harsh_ with minor fixes (typos, full names)

formal vote to publish draft?

Fwd: dpvcg-ACTION-93: Drive discussion on recipients, data controllers, data subjects forward

ISSUE-22: We ask for particular feedback on whether and how to extend the list/taxonomy of controllers and recipients in the current vocabulary.

ISSUE-23: Should we add more subclasses to communicationrecording (e.g. distinguishing chats, personalmessaging, videocommunication, telephony, etc.) and which ones?

ISSUE-24: Should we add more specific subclasses like countryofcitizenship, countryofresidence, countryofcurrentlocation to country and which ones?

ISSUE-25: Should we explicitly note that the the controller is always a recipient of the data, if not, do we need to make this explicit inth vocabulary, by declaring it?

ISSUE-26: Describe use-cases and examples showing how the vocabulary should be or can be used

ISSUE-27: Discuss accompanying primer document

Request discussion of items in agenda

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