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Issue 144 resolved as undefined Arron Eicholz (Friday, 27 August)

Review Report on section 8.5.x (Border property) ~= 260 testcases Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 26 August)

CSS3 test submissions? John Daggett (Tuesday, 24 August)

Ian Hickson's blocks-018.htm and blocks-019.htm testcases Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 22 August)

Proposed replacements on 29 padding testcases (section 8.4); padding on inherit (with em unit, % value) Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 22 August)

13 proposed replacements on padding-bottom testcases with fractional pixel problem; 2 testcases on inherit padding with relative units (%, em) Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 22 August)

Review Report on section 8.4 (Padding property) ~= 125 testcases Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 21 August)

Re: [CSS21] Backing up in tokenizer (issue 129) Bert Bos (Friday, 20 August)

direction-unicode-bidi testcases Geoffrey Sneddon (Thursday, 19 August)

Feedback on case-sensitive-004 and case-sensitive-005 in beta3 Gérard Talbot (Monday, 16 August)

Proposed replacement for list-style-type-017 Gérard Talbot (Monday, 16 August)

[Beta 3] comments on: height-inherit-001 , html4/relpos-calcs-001 (...) , replaced-intrinsic-004 and replaced-intrinsic-005 Gérard Talbot (Monday, 16 August)

CSS2.1 Test Suite Beta 3 fantasai (Monday, 16 August)

Review comments on MS test font-family-valid-characters-002 fantasai (Monday, 16 August)

Microsoft comments tests fantasai (Saturday, 14 August)

case-insensitivity test review fantasai (Friday, 13 August)

RE: Section 8.3.1 (margin collapsing) review report (= 39 tests out of 129 tests) Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 12 August)

Section 8.3.1 (margin collapsing) review report (= 39 tests out of 129 tests) Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 11 August)

Re: test suite required fonts John Daggett (Tuesday, 10 August)

Implementation Report Template for CSS2.1 Test Suite fantasai (Tuesday, 10 August)

Some flags still in title case Geoffrey Sneddon (Monday, 9 August)

'top: auto' or 'left: auto' on abs. pos. or fixed pos. testcases: optional, should be labelled/marked with a "may" flag. Gérard Talbot (Monday, 9 August)

Ian Hickson's margin-collapse-101.htm, margin-collapse-105.htm, etc.. bottom paragraph requires update Gérard Talbot (Monday, 9 August)

Buggy test for 8.3.1 Collapsing margins: table-margin-004 Øyvind Stenhaug (Friday, 6 August)

Fwd: text-align:justify, inline-blocks, and MS test inline-formatting-context-019.xht fantasai (Friday, 6 August)

Incorrect link@rel='help' causing tests to be missing from TOC Geoffrey Sneddon (Thursday, 5 August)

CSS internationalization: transliteration Gabriele Romanato (Thursday, 5 August)

Right-to-left text Andreas Prilop (Tuesday, 3 August)

RE: [CSS 2.1] cases that do not pass in any browser Arron Eicholz (Monday, 2 August)

Feedback and suggestions on CSS2.1 Test Case Authoring Guidelines Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 1 August)

List of questionable testcases on font and vertical-align Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 1 August)

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