RE: [CSS 2.1] cases that do not pass in any browser

Still needing review:

Cases still needing fixes from owners:
Image used as reference is using different font and it cannot be easily determined if the case passes.
:first-line does not apply to block-level descendants that are floats.

I think we should just remove these cases, any objections?:
(I plan to remove cases on 8/5 if there are no objections.)
This test assumes that is accepted and it was not.
Same reason as margin-collapse-144.
This test assumes that is accepted and it was not.
This case is not calculating the position of a box, with adjacent top and bottom margins, correctly. #parent should be positioned at 4em since one of its adjoining child margins has margin-top:4em.
Box 1 - invalid
The floats are between two collapsing margins so must be positioned as if in an anonymous box containing only the float. This box collapses with the parent box so must be positioned at the same place, which must be 40x as specified by the algorithm for positioning boxes with adjoining top and bottom margins.
Box 2 - invalid
Same as case 1.
Box 3 - invalid
The div with bottom border collapses it's margin top with the 40px margin-top div, positioning it at 40px. The floater positioning follows.
Per spec, "Computing the clearance of an element on which 'clear' is set is done by first determining the hypothetical position of the element's top border edge within its parent block. This position is determined after the top margin of the element has been collapsed with previous adjacent margins (including the top margin of the parent block)." This means that we need to determine the hypothetical position of box C when it is collapsed with its parent. This causes it to be at the hypothetical position of 0 and, thus, requires it to be cleared.
Same as margin-collapse-clear-005

Updated cases: (revision 1254) (revision 1241) (revision 1256) (revision 1256) (revision 1300)

Cases determined correct: (spec still needs edit)

Arron Eicholz

Received on Monday, 2 August 2010 22:34:52 UTC