Re: Some flags still in title case

> Hi,
> Even after fantasai's changes in r1302 there are still some cases in
> your tests where the "ahem" flag is given in title-case, and hence not
> properly picked up by the build-system. The attached patch fixes all
> remaining cases.


Thank you for your email. I was not sure if you were asking me to do
something and what.

Anyway. I lowercase-ed the ahem flag in the 7 testcases mentioned, I
svn-check these changes out (revision 1312) and updated my local work
copy. Can you check if everything is ok now?

[Addendum: I have missed, am still missing
float-non-replaced-width-011.xht ; now svn-submitted that change in
revision 1313]

regards, Gérard
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